Eating Elsewhere Spiced Apple Baklava
Confections Cookies

Spiced Apple Baklava

Spiced Apple Baklava is a cure for my homesickness. An attempted cure, at least. I won’t complain about my good luck and privilege to be spending this time in Greece (Croatia next week!). I will say I miss time with my family and I definitely miss baking my fall favorites. This recipe for baklava takes …

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Eating Elsewhere Loukoumades
Bread Confections Pastries


Loukoumades are bite-sized, deep-fried, honey-drizzled, cinnamon-sprinkled, and served warm for breakfast and snacks here in Greece. I fried my first batch last week, thanks to some helpful tips, and popped little bites between all my meals and trips in and out of the house. Energy bites, you know? And I’ve been told that these sweet …

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Eating Elsewhere Greek Style Chicken Salad

Greek Style Chicken Salad

While I’ve been stretching my body out from the international flight, enjoying the Aegean, and taking in the sun, I’ve made time to not only eat at my favorite local restaurant here in Parikia, but to imitate (as best as I can!) their recipe for chicken salad. For the real deal, you’ll just have to stop by Ephessus. It’ll be worth the effort, I swear.

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Eating Elsewhere Recipe Marshmallows


I have to give it to marshmallows, they really know how play the funny best friend in the rom-com of autumn treats. For me, they’ll never be the star of the show, but they can really enhance the experience.

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