Eating Elsewhere Caramel Apple Fritters
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Caramel Apple Fritters

Apple fritters are more than a fall treat for me. They’re more than a donut. More than a dessert. They’re my test at donut shops. (One of) My sweetest weaknesses. Since I’m in full-blown apple mode this week, missing fall in the States, and have a team of ready and willing taste-testers around me, it seemed like the perfect time to give these apple fritters a try.

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Eating Elsewhere Loukoumades
Bread Confections Pastries


Loukoumades are bite-sized, deep-fried, honey-drizzled, cinnamon-sprinkled, and served warm for breakfast and snacks here in Greece. I fried my first batch last week, thanks to some helpful tips, and popped little bites between all my meals and trips in and out of the house. Energy bites, you know? And I’ve been told that these sweet …

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Recipe Chocolate and Coffee Merveilleux
Cake Cookies Pastries

Chocolate and Coffee Merveilleux

I hope that Merveilleux is the dessert of the future. Beautiful to look at, satisfying to cut into, and an explosion of taste of and texture with each bite. Merveilleux aren’t as finicky as macarons to bake, but are just as delightful to eat with many of the same flavor attributes. Crispy, light meringues are covered with fresh whipped cream, filled with more whipped cream or a custard of your liking, and just COATED in chocolate.

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