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Eating Elsewhere Docks on Paros Island

I’ve been on Paros Island in the Cycladic Islands for over a week now and while my sleep schedule becomes more regular and I try to even out my eating patterns along with it, I’m in total shock still about my location in the world. Seriously, check this out:

Alley Parikia, Paros, GreeceEating Elsewhere Parikia, Paros PortLivadia Beach Paros Greece

This is a place that is full of extremes. The sea here is enormously salty, clear blue tinted with the lightest green. The mountains aren’t too sharp, but they are domineering over the gentle sea. It isn’t a sea of giant waves, but the island does have plenty of wind and is known for its windsurfing. And Jesus, the light here is out of this world. Look at that little child competing with the sun for the center of that picture! That is Paros. A constant breeze, the quietest and kindest sea, and a sometimes dauntingly warming sun.

I am grateful to be here. Recovering from travel, a long hike in Athens to the highest peak in the city, then a four-hour ferry ride to this glorious island. It’s been two weeks of adjustment, adjusting to time changes, to climate shifts, to being away from my love, and I am still in the midst of it. While I try to find my feet, I’ll dig my toes into the sands of the millions of phenomenal beaches at my disposal and keep reminding myself each time I see a sunset over the water that this is where I am. This is where I am existing. I will try to be present. And next week, I will share a recipe for baklava and tell you all about these fantastic, mindblowing restaurants that are worth traveling the Aegean for. I swear.

Stop back by next week. I have so much to share. If you missed it, check out this Greek Style Chicken Salad. It will give you the smallest taste of my life right now.

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