Cakes & Cheesecakes

Whether you've got a birthday party, picnic, or wedding, I've got a cake or cheesecake for you. Share with your friends or pop in the freezer to keep for yourself, I won't tell.

Pies & Tarts

My personal favorite for their versatility. Have a fresh, citrus tart or a rich, decadent chocolate pie. There's a tart for every occasion and every taste preference.

Cookies & Bars

At our house, we lose about half the would-be cookies to Justin's cookie dough addiction. Cold cookie dough is delicious, but I promise if you resist and pop any of these babies in the oven, you won't be disappointed.



Nothing rounds out a meal like the perfect piece of bread. Fresh bread on a cheese platter, fresh bread with hummus, bread to wipe plates clean. No knead to be intimidated, there's a perfect bread for you.


I know I said tarts are my favorite just right up there, but pastries are also my favorite. These time-consuming beauties are all butter and layers and worth every minute of banging butter and resting dough.


Icings, frostings, caramels, and treats. These sweets are great additions on cakes, cookies, or tarts and just as good by themselves.