Eating Elsewhere Honey Caramel Clusters
Confections Cookies

Honey Caramel Clusters

Caramel clusters, or turtles as some people call them, are the perfect holiday treat and make fantastic gifts. Besides making the fussy caramel, these are quick and easy treats that even your friends or family members who hate baking can easily help you put together.

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Eating Elsewhere Fudge Brownies
Confections Cookies

Ultimate Fudgy Brownies

Brownies are my ultimate dessert food and by far my biggest weakness. I love chocolate, but I’m not much of a chocolate cake person. Give me a fudgy, gooey, warm brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream, and covered in hot fudge and I’ll eat until I can’t move.

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Eating Elsewhere Recipe Pine Nut Caramel Turtle Bars

Pine Nut Caramel Turtle Bars

These Pine Nut Caramel Turtles were inspired by Fine Cooking’s recipe. They are a great, quick treat and you can easily substitute the pine nuts for another (cheaper) nut. You can also skip the shortbread crust to have the more traditional caramel turtles, just be prepared with some wax papers to let the little guys firm up before eating. I think these taste best after they’ve been given a few hours in the refrigerator. Straight out of the oven and the pine nut flavor is the most prominent. Chilled for a few hours and the pine nut chills out and the salty caramel and chocolate shine through. 

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Recipe Chocolate and Coffee Merveilleux
Cake Cookies Pastries

Chocolate and Coffee Merveilleux

I hope that Merveilleux is the dessert of the future. Beautiful to look at, satisfying to cut into, and an explosion of taste of and texture with each bite. Merveilleux aren’t as finicky as macarons to bake, but are just as delightful to eat with many of the same flavor attributes. Crispy, light meringues are covered with fresh whipped cream, filled with more whipped cream or a custard of your liking, and just COATED in chocolate.

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