Eating Elsewhere Greek Style Chicken Salad

Greek Style Chicken Salad

While I’ve been stretching my body out from the international flight, enjoying the Aegean, and taking in the sun, I’ve made time to not only eat at my favorite local restaurant here in Parikia, but to imitate (as best as I can!) their recipe for chicken salad. For the real deal, you’ll just have to stop by Ephessus. It’ll be worth the effort, I swear.

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Eating Elsewhere Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles

This recipe for Belgian Waffles includes instructions on making the secret weapon – pearl sugar! Pearl sugar is in larger chunks and when those gorgeous chunks hit the waffle iron, they caramelize into crispy, gorgeous, waffle heaven.

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Eating Elsewhere Recipe Blackberry Mint Tarts
Confections Pies

Blackberry Mint Tarts

This lovely number gets its gorgeous, royal purple (okay, maybe it’s not quite royal, but it’s still gorgeous) from fresh blackberries. With the added freshness of mint, this tart tastes just like summer, right as it’s beginning to leave us.

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Eating Elsewhere Recipe Pine Nut Caramel Turtle Bars

Pine Nut Caramel Turtle Bars

These Pine Nut Caramel Turtles were inspired by Fine Cooking’s recipe. They are a great, quick treat and you can easily substitute the pine nuts for another (cheaper) nut. You can also skip the shortbread crust to have the more traditional caramel turtles, just be prepared with some wax papers to let the little guys firm up before eating. I think these taste best after they’ve been given a few hours in the refrigerator. Straight out of the oven and the pine nut flavor is the most prominent. Chilled for a few hours and the pine nut chills out and the salty caramel and chocolate shine through. 

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